August 7, 2017

52 | The Enneagram of Personality: An Overview

This episode offers an overview of the Enneagram of Personality, with a specific focus on the issue/defense mechanism of projection, as well as a number of core issues related to each type; namely (1) what the wounding message of each type is, (2) what each type avoids, (3) what each type projects, (4) what the primary defense mechanism of each type is, (5) what the primary vulnerability or sore spot of each type is, (6) what the pitfalls and vices of each type are, (7) what core virtue of each type has, and (8) the expression of wholeness that each type is invited into. I also offer a few images to give a feel for each type, and name some examples from history and fiction of each type. Right at the end, you'll hear a rough sketch of each type's talk style too.    


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