May 3, 2017

42 | Creativity and the logic of novelty - Part 1

Although the details of that night are unclear, we know that on 29 May 1913 composer Igor Stravinsky's pioneering "The Rite of Spring" provoked huge controversy. While some applauded the performance, a large contingent of the audience started a literal riot. This is just one example of how
different people respond quite differently to novelty. Why is this? How can we better understand what drastic innovation does and what innovation means? How can we better engage with novel ideas and with the whole enterprise of human creativity? How does creativity work? How can we be more creative? This is part 1 of a two-part exploration of the idea of creatvity and the logic of novelty. 
Part 1 focuses on how to engage novelty; part 2 explores the generation of new ideas.


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